Normally you hear Soho Housing Association tenants views through "independent" assessors, who then go on to join the board of Soho Housing Association. Get the truth, direct from a tenant, here.

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Soho Housing Association: letting people go

letting people go

In my last post, I referred to housing officers voluntarily leaving the employ of Soho Housing. In fact, unless they leave voluntarily, there is no meaningful official process for getting rid of staff from Soho Housing (but, as it turns out, there is no need for one). Of course, if you are in need of occupational therapy, you can fill out their complaint forms and appeal their decision, but you would be wasting your time. Occasionally, however, there are staff members that are a liability, even to Soho Housing and I have met two such people.

The first was the housing officer who had me committed to the funny farm. This poor woman appeared to be semi literate, with a poor grasp of the English language, which made her an ideal person to manipulate into signing false statements and making false allegations that were required by the mental illness industry. Once she had got rid of me (or so they thought!), there could be no further use for such an incompetent person, especially as she was showing signs of remorse and talking about helping me to keep my flat.

At this point another Housing Association might have found itself having to deal with matters of redundancy payments and employment tribunals, but Soho Housing Association moves in exalted circles and does not need to bother with such trifles. Very fortunately for Soho Housing, the lady in question developed a mystery  pain in her leg which necessitated her leaving Soho Housing of her own accord.

Her  name wasn’t Patsy, but it should have been.

The phenomenal luck of Soho Housing Association

The second person  to go was actually named Chris. She was an ambitious woman with a pudding bowl haircut, who loved having her picture taken with important officers of Westminster Council. Chris Best was the chief executive officer of Soho Housing.

The tenant members of Soho Housing Association are, on the whole, a biddable flock of sheep, but even they demurred when they were asked to overturn the constitution of Soho Housing, in order to allow Chris Best, as CEO, to be co-opted onto the Board, something which had hitherto been against the rules. However, the membership knew and trusted Chris Best and so, they voted for the change.

Once she had been voted onto the Board, the phenomenal luck of Soho Housing Association struck once more: Chris Best developed a mystery illness, which forced her to leave Soho Housing Association.

The new CEO, naturally, went straight on to the Board. Would the members have voted for him? Who knows?

Before she left, Chris Best was able to describe to us, the mystery illness that necessitated her leaving Soho Housing. She said that she had a constant pounding in her ears and felt all the time as if she had a hangover, but without having taken a drink. Hmm … sounds a lot like electronic harassment to me … If modern policing methods had anything to do with the mystery illness that struck Chris Best, she has only herself to blame. Since she was an ardent supporter of the heavy police involvement in Soho Housing, she got what she deserved.

It is significant that since I started this blog, nobody from Soho Housing has approached me. It would seem that they are expecting the luck of Soho Housing Association to come in threes and that I, too, will be carried off by a mystery illness, thus relieving them of any need to negotiate.

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