Normally you hear Soho Housing Association tenants views through "independent" assessors, who then go on to join the board of Soho Housing Association. Get the truth, direct from a tenant, here.

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To Soho Housing and other property developers


A-bomb dome Hiroshima

We are aware that it pays for you to blame the tenant wherever possible, for damage to your property. Insurance companies pay out readily on such claims and no blame attaches to the landlord. You may be comfortable in the assumption that any electronic harassment will only affect your tenant.

However, it may not be possible to blame the tenant for the kind of long term, structural damage that occurs, when your local secret police bombard your property 24/7 with their various radioactive monitoring devices that come under the TETRA label.

This expert has provided photographs of the kind of damage you can expect. Unfortunately, the accompanying video is (intentionally?) extremely poor quality, and none of his photographs are reproduced in it. However, from about 20 minutes in, he does describe the various types of damage to property that he has witnessed.




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