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Why doesn’t Soho Housing care about its bad reputation?

oneI used to be baffled at the thinly veiled insolence shown by Soho Housing to some tenants. For example it is not unusual to find the glossy newsletter, as in the most recent edition, leading with an article gloating about two tenants who have just been evicted.

I have come to the conclusion that when an organisation has friends in high places, as Soho Housing does, it will naturally evince sentiments of contempt for its more unpopular clients. There is no need for Soho Housing to engage with us, as, when it stops harassing us, it can rely on the harassment to be continued by Westminster City Police, and , then, when as a result of a complaint to the police complaints authority, the police harassment pauses briefly, the baton can be taken up by Westminster City Council.

Westminster City Council is running my harassment at present, the police having taken a break as a result of a complaint I made. Ironically, they actually have more power than the police when it comes to invading your privacy and entering your home for no particular reason. Their factotum Yeno Thorli is the present all powerful harasser, who is obviously determined to enter my home for, apparently no reason other than curiosity.two

This takes me back to an earlier post, in which an unknown person tried to let themself into my flat, using a key supplied by Soho Housing. Was that person Yeno Thorli? Perhaps Yeno Thorli visits my flat regularly while I am out.  There seems to be nothing in law to prevent council officials like Yeno Thorli behaving like cat burglars.

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6 thoughts on “Why doesn’t Soho Housing care about its bad reputation?

  1. In the interest of fairness I have contacted Yeno Thorli and asked for comment and opinion on what I have written here. Yeno Thorli has declined to reply. I hope I will have no further cause to refer to Yeno Thjorli on these pages, save to alert you that when your local Yeno Thorli invites him or herself to invade your home, it will like not stop there. Pictures will be taken of your home layout and possessions and you will have no control over where those pictures end up or who sees them. The fact that Yeno Thorli is probably an agent for the British secret police should not make you feel safer.

    • I have the same problem with The London Borough of Brent Council where certain officials have proved themselves to be both corrupt and jobless. Prolonging incidents of ASB from neighbours at close proximity to my flat to such a heightened level that matters got so worse they ended in physical/verbal abuse towards me all the while using their position to incite further abuse and targeting while going undetected. Their position will not last long; knowledge of covert harassment in the London Borough of Brent upon innocent victims will not go by silently into the night. These so called ASBO officials are probably not known under their undercover cloaks as being agents for the ‘shadow government’ but their tactics are known to be far from above board! There are a number of targeted individuals in the London Borough of Brent suffering from electronic harassment and radar hits to their bodies, who die slowly while occupying their properties, so too the all too familiar cat burglars who regularly make their presence known.

      • Hello again Naomi. It was good to meet you and I look forward to working with you in future, if I manage to continue not to be locked up (they have started their dirty tricks again). It is undoubtedly the case that a good proportion of this harassment is used as a way of stealing people’s homes from them on the grounds that they have become too incompetent to manage their own affairs. Westminster council and its associates are famous for this all over the country, but I was not aware that there was a similar situation in Brent.

  2. Why has Yeno Thorli suddenly decided to reply?

    I have received by email a comment from Yeno Thorli, after 5 months and I will reproduce it here. But, as I will explain, there is more to it than meets the eye.

    First, the comment:

    Dear Ms Ryan

    I have seen the libellous comments you have made, on your SOHOHOUSINGBLOG, as you know they are untrue.

    I ask you to remove my name from your blog, within the next 10 days.

    I may have no option but to refer the matter to the managers, if you do not remove my name from your blog.

    Yours sincerely
    Yeno Thorli
    Residential Environmental Health –
    Premises Management
    Westminster City Council
    City Hall 4th Floor East
    64 Victoria Street
    London, SW1E 6QP

    I will now explain why this email from Yeno Thorli is not what it appears to be.

    The email arrived in my inbox at a moment when I had managed to snatch two hours of peace and privacy from the constant surveillance and harassment of Westminster City Police. In short, they did not know exactly where I was, in the city. Minutes after my clicking the link in the email from Yeno Thorli, I heard the whine of the engines of police aircraft outside the building I was in.

    The above justifies my claim that, in addition to working for Westminster Council, Yeno Thorli is probably also a member of the the British secret police.

  3. AA Freeborn on said:

    dear Soho Ryan. I have been desperately trying to contact you via twitter and other sites I found your posts on. I have a pending legal case against Dr. Cameron Ryan and another s12 doctor.

    I am alleging that this crook forged my documents and committed serious offences with the complicity of other CNWL NHS employees.
    I have a real chance to prosecute this criminal and strike a blow against the CNWL NHS.
    Please contact me. I can see that you are interested in justice. Please you had the courage to post various information…well I found it and now I need your help and I can’t seem to get you to contact me……

    Please contact me at


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