Normally you hear Soho Housing Association tenants views through "independent" assessors, who then go on to join the board of Soho Housing Association. Get the truth, direct from a tenant, here.

Soho Housing Association: Harassment resumed

I am once again being harassed by Soho Housing Association and they are using exactly the same formula that they always use. This time they are employing the services of one Yeno Thorli. Yeno Thorli is using the excuse that some unknown person has complained about a smell that may or may not be emanating from my flat. This gives Yeno Thorli the power to enter my flat or anybody’s flat, whenever Yeno Thorli chooses, because Yeno Thorli is lucky enough to be employed as an environmental officer by the corrupt and discreditable Westminster Council.

Beware, Yeno Thorli may be entering your flat one of these days.

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