Normally you hear Soho Housing Association tenants views through "independent" assessors, who then go on to join the board of Soho Housing Association. Get the truth, direct from a tenant, here.

Soho Housing: a frightening experience

I had a very frightening experience this morning at around 9 am. An unknown woman tried to let herself into my flat with a key. Who, except Soho Housing Association, would have given her a key?

On being challenged, she said she had the wrong flat and hurried out of the front door before I could get her description. Should I deduce from this that Soho Housing is in the habit of letting itself into other tenants’ dwellings, without a by-your-leave?

It is, of course remotely possible that there was some genuine misunderstanding, but, given the high level of surveillance I have to endure, this is unlikely. 

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3 thoughts on “Soho Housing: a frightening experience

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  2. I also am having trouble with Soho housing, Steven Baker is a vial man!

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